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A headless CMS could be a content management system that has the way to author content, but rather than web content rendering, it provides the content as data over an API.

A traditional CMS is an all-in-one solution that allows you to store, edit, deliver, and display content on the website. The back-end is tightly linked to the front-end.

The back-end includes a database with code and plugins that make it possible to store, manage and edit content. The front-end has built-in theme templates and CSS that are responsible for show content on your website.

A headless CMS is any form of content material management machine where the content repository “body” is separated or decoupled from the presentation layer head. Some traditional CMS platforms provide an API that allows you to ship content material to a separate presentation layer. They name this “headless” because the presentation layer is separated from the body.

Why Headless CMS?

Comparing Content Management System

Traditional CMS Headless CMS

Design First
The website is closely connected to the content.you create a website  first.

Content First

In a headless CMS you start with the content architecture and deliver content to any front-end or device via APIs

When you want to change to website front end.you need to rebuild things from scratch. Long term.it is more time consuming for your business.

you never have to rebuild your website from scratch. Your content can be sent to any destination APIs.

Editors have to rely heavily on developers to build pages with a custom layout.

A single content item can be reused and combined with a number of different presentations.This Promotes an agile way working which for projects can mean being finished a lot faster

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Advantages of Headless CMS

What makes us different from other companies is that each website we develop is 100% custom built to our customer’s request.

  • cost-effective
  • Dedicated team
  • We Provide 24/7 Support
  • Quick response
  • 100 %customer satisfaction

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Looking for experienced Headless CMS developers within your project budget? Our offshore jam stack developers are fully competent to smartly build custom web apps suiting your business requirements.


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