PHP 7.4 is going to launch

The next minor release of PHP 7, PHP 7.4 is expected to release on November 28, 2019. PHP 7.4 will boost website performance, speed and improves code readability. Right now the beta version of PHP 7.4 is available. PHP 8 will be the real milestone for PHP.

What’s new in Php 7.4?

PHP 7.4 comes with a lot of new features. Some of the features that will boost your website performance are :

  • Array Spread Operator
  • Arrow functioning
  • Support null coalesce assign(??=) operator
  • WeakReferences
  • Preloading
  • Typed Property
  • New Custom Object Serialization Mechanism
  • Deprecations

Array Spread Operator

The spread operator support for argument unpacking is already existing in PHP 5.6, and this RFC expands on the usage of arrays.

Example : $parts = [‘apple’, ‘pear’];

$fruits = [‘banana’, ‘orange’, …$parts, ‘watermelon’];

Spread operator works for both array syntax(array()) and short syntax([]). String keys are not supported.

Arrow functioning

Arrow functions also called “short closures”, allow for less verbose one-liner functions.

Support null coalesce assign(??=) operator

PHP 7.4 has also introduced a shorthand method for coalesce assign operator.

Example : $someArray[‘key’] ??= ‘someValue’;


WeakReference allows programmers to retain a reference to an object that doesn’t prevent the object itself from being destroyed.


Preloading allows the server to load PHP files in memory on startup, and have them permanently available to all subsequent requests.

Typed Property

Typed class properties have been added in PHP 7.4 and provide a major improvement to PHP’s type system. These changes are fully opt-in and non-breaking to previous versions.

New Custom Object Serialization Mechanism

PHP 7.4 will implement custom serialization of objects to solve all the issues with PHP object serialization.


PHP 7.4 will release with some new deprecations. Let’s see what they are:

  • Short Open Tags
  • Left – associative ternary operator
  • Deprecate Curly Brace Syntax

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