How to create WooCommerce One Click Upsell Funnels?

I am writing this article up on the inspiration from the client we have worked with. This is exciting that our team has successfully completed many projects in UpStroke since the launch of UpStroke 2.0. Creating WooCommerce One Click Upsell Funnel is simple.
Are you excited to hear about how to create Upsell pages in UpStroke with Elementor? I’ll share the significant highlights right over here so that you can get a head start.

What is an Upsell?

An upsell is an offer for an additional product or service in addition to main product which customer is purchasing. Creating WooCommerce one click upsells in your WordPress store can increase your earnings.
Funnel is a sequence of offers you present to your buyer after he has completed his initial purchase. There are two types of offer. Upsell or Downsell.
Upsell offers are primary offers presented to a customer. A buyer can accept or reject this offer. Downsell offers are secondary offers which are presented when a buyer rejects an upsell offer. Usually downsell offers are presented at a lower price.

Steps for creating Woocommerce One Click Upsell Funnel

  • To create funnel in UpStroke plugin click on Add New button.
  • Enter Name and Description to your funnel. This is for administrative purpose and is not visible to users.
  • Press Create and you will be redirected to Funnel Builder.
  • Here you have four tabs to configure settings. Those are Rules, Offers, Design, and Settings.



Rules allows you to trigger different upsell funnels based on different conditions. There are product and advanced rules available to set.
Product rules allow you to set conditions based on products/ items in buyers order (products, product tags, product category).
Advanced rules are used to create complex rules to trigger funnel. Allows you to set specific conditions (and/or) for order attributes, customers, geography, date/time and funnel.


A funnel may have one or more offer. Each offer can be Upsell or Downsell. The Upsell is when you present a new offer. The first offer in a funnel will always be an Upsell.
The Downsell is when your original Upsell offer was declined, and you present a new offer (usually at a lower price) in response to rejection.

  • Click on the offer tab, enter the name and type of offer
  • Press Add and this will create a new step on the right.
  • Add a product to offer. For that,
  • Click on Add a Product
  • Select the product to be added
  • Enter the discount percentage
  • Press Save



You can choose from available pre-designed custom templates to create your upsell offer pages or build custom upsell pages using shortcodes.
If you wish, you can build custom designed upsell pages using page builders like Thrive Themes, Beaver Builder, Elementor, etc. UpStroke offers variety of shortcodes to build custom upsell pages.
Once you select and save a custom page in offer’s Design, shortcodes will be dynamically generated for the offer.

Funnel Settings

Here you can set behavioral settings, priority number, upsell success confirmation, and external tracking code.
Funnel Priority is used to determine which funnel will trigger. Priority number 1 is considered highest. Upsell Success Confirmation are messages which are shown when buyer upsell order is charged and confirmed.

Global Settings

Once you activate UpStroke you will have new tab under your WordPress dashboard on the left called WooFunnels.

  • Click on Woofunnels, Go to Global Settings
  • Under Global Settings, Click on Payment Gateways (Select the gateways which you want to be used for purchases)
  • Add Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics keys to monitor if purchase Events are fired (optional)
  • Go to front end and test the funnel and see how offer looks.

Once all steps are followed you are ready to roll out your funnels.


If you are expecting more from your store sales and revenue, then we recommend Upsell Funnel. Because Upsell don’t disturb the checkout flow of your initial sale, and offers a golden opportunity to make the next one without re-entering the details.
Do you have a website with Upsell Funnel? Do you need any developer support? We are ready to help you. Please contact us on [email protected] or on social media (twitter/facebook)