What is UX Design? Importance of UX for Websites

UX(User Experience) Design is the way an individual feels when cooperating with a framework/system. UX incorporates all parts of the end-users connection with the organization, its services, and its products.

The objective of UX design is to make simple, productive, significant and all-round wonderful encounters for the user. UX designers join statistical surveying, product development, technique, and design to make consistent client encounters for products, services, and processes.

Difference between UX and UI

User Interface (UI) Design is not the same as User Experience(UX). UI refers to the look and feels of a product whereas UX is focused on the users’ journey to solve that problem.

Why UX is important?

UX is significant in light of the fact that it attempts to satisfy the client’s needs. It means to give positive encounters that keep clients faithful to the products or brand.

Normally, when a client reaches a designer with a problem, Most of the designers jump straight to the solution of that problem. But UX design first understand the problem and will answer the following questions,

  • How has the problem
  • What is the problem
  • How to solve the problem
  • What is the exact solution
  • Features required
  • The functionality of that product


Methods of UX Design Process

  • User Personas: Understand the audience, For that create a User Personas, A representative audience of our design.
  • User interviews: Interview the users to obtain information.
  • Job Stories: Description of product features.
  • Functionality Map: Build a functionality map based on the job stories.
  • Wireframes: Skeletal Framework of a Product.
  • Prototyping: Mockup version of the final product.
  • Usability Testing: Test the usability of that product.

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