Top  Vue UI component libraries and frameworks that you can use in 2022.

JavaScript is always a powerful programming language. It contains dynamic features that are goal-oriented and event-driven. We need to consider Vue.js when creating UI (User Interface) and SPA (Single Page Applications) using JavaScript.

Vue.js is one of the most popular front-end JavaScript frameworks. This framework divides the website into various elements. We consider the best vue UI component libraries to make this process as quick and easy as possible. The majority of developers like Vue.js because of its ease of learning and use. Professionals can get access to all the necessary UI elements for making beautiful apps instead of coding and styling buttons, layouts, and cards.

This blog will explore the most recognized Vue UI component libraries and frameworks that you can use in 2022.

Element Plus:

It brings an extensive range of modest components to Vue 3. These components are useful for building complex apps. It also offers timelines, trees, calendar elements, and mature time. Easy animations are also a part of this component.

It is one of the most recognized Vue 3UI frameworks. One can easily meet the expectations with great problem handling and the CSS variables used for high customization.


It is another one of the best vue UI component libraries beautifully designed with components. It uses material design specifications, and that is why it has been created as per the material design specifications. One can easily customize an application with its exclusive and dynamic layouts. It helps you give a professional look to the apps and websites. Pre-made components are available in it, which helps in building web pages with a quality design match.


Buefy is a good choice for those who are familiar with Bulma (a CSS framework used by over 200,000 developers). It combines Bulma with Vue and helps in building a stylish app using minimal code.

The framework is a highly customisable one. Developers can choose sizing rules, brand colors, and more customizations in this framework. It provides a ready-made list of components for the developers. However, these components are not sufficient for large-scale projects.

ANT design Vue:

This Vue UI library comprises some high-quality elements and demos. There are many UI elements available in it to improve your web apps, like skeletons, drawers, and statistics. That’s why it is one of the best Vue UI component libraries for those who are more concerned about the UI. It also supports server-side rendering, electron, and modern website browsers. Now it has been upgraded to be simpler, with quick integration and smaller bundle size. Thanks to its ant design, Vue version-2.


Fish UI is mainly useful for designing front-end web applications. It is compatible with the modern browser environment and serves Webpack 2.0 and ES2015. It has large and strong community support to solve any issue within a short period of time.

Other components incorporating semantic CSS elements like buttons, radios, dropdowns, tables, and cards are also available in this library. This library is a lightweight Vue UI component library toolkit with support for ES2015 and Webpack.


It is a performance-focused Vue framework that helps in creating Vue UIs. With Quasar, you can easily get your design needs. It has already launched its directives, Version-1, and plugins. Developers can also learn more about the Quasar API through its compostables. There is an active community on Discord and Twitter. You can easily select the UI framework to develop a Vue app for desktop, mobile, and web platforms.


It is a mobile UI Vue component library made for handling the WeChat app. This Chinese library was made for mobile app development. It also integrates many components from the WeUI.

However, due to the lack of a management team, VUX developers can’t identify the regular issues with this library. It also gives you the facility to install its components as per particular demand. It means you won’t have any problems installing the entire component package.

Chakra UI:

It is an open-source, easily accessible, and handy modular component library. Each Chakra UI component is composable, available, and themeable, and all of this makes it one of the best vue UI component libraries. It is compatible with dark mode and supports responsive styles too.

Keen UI:

It also gets inspiration from Material Design. It features a simple API that helps with app layout creation. It mainly deals with those interactive elements that require JavaScript use. It carries many handy components that are strategically placed when needed. So, when you need to add iterative features to an existing app, Keen UI is a good choice. It offers different components like UiCalendar, UiButton, UiCheckbox, and UiAltert.

Bootstrap Vue:

Keen UI does not provide elements for grid systems and typography because it is not a CSS

CStack and CBox are some layout components present in the Chakra UI Vue. It makes it possible to auto-import its components with the Webpack plugin solutions. framework. It also

It is a famous CSS library that combines Vue and Bootstrap power. Developers can easily develop responsive web projects, mobile-first and ARIA accessible projects using this library. The Bootstrap Vue documentation is also very simple to understand and set up. You can also develop a front-end app. There are many directives, 1000 plus icons, 85 components, and more than 45 accessible plugins available in it.

Final Touch

There are sample Vue.js libraries available for developers. However, before finalising one, you must have a look at the features of the project. Justifying the right framework depends on various factors, like project scope, technical skills of the team, and the way of developing new features. You must choose a UI component library that is highly reliable and rich in various components. If you are looking forward to hiring VueJs developers, then contact us today.

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