Top eCommerce Security Threats with Solutions for 2021

The main benefits of an eCommerce website that can purchasing and selling of products or services over the Internet. The eCommerce industry became the most profitable for a few years with around $5 trillion reach in 2021.

E-commerce Security Threats

DDoS – Distributed denial of service

Distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack is an attack that involves hackers flooding your servers with requests. The requests come from a multitude of sources together with bots, most or all of which will use fake or otherwise untraceable IP addresses. The aim of the requests is to overwhelm your system to the purpose wherever it becomes inoperable.

Sql Injection

SQL injection, also known as SQLI, It is a malicious technique where a hacker attacks your query submission forms to access your database. They collect your database with an infectious code ,collect data ,and later wipe the trail.


Bots, a number of the foremost prevalent and harmful programs that threaten e-commerce businesses. Less a single threat than a vector for others, bots are often behind the installation of malware on your computer.

E-commerce Security Solutions That Can Ease Your Life

Top eCommerce Security Threats with Solutions for 2021

HTTPS and SSL Certificates

HTTPs protocols not only keep your user’s sensitive data secure however additionally boost your website rankings on Google search page. They do so by securing data transfer between the servers and therefore the users’ devices.

HTTPs protocol is to keep users sensitive data. So securing data transfer between the servers and the user’s device. They prevent any interaction.

Securing the Admin Panel and Server

Use complex passwords that are figure out and make it change in frequently. Furthermore, make the panel to send you notifications whenever a foreign IP tries to access it.

Securing Payment Gateway

Avoid storing the credit card info of your clients on your database. Instead, let a third party Like PayPal and Stripe handle the payment transactions away from your website.

Update Software Regularly

In nowadays, Security should be one of the priorities for businesses. We hear all too often about large companies that are hacked, this affects you business customers may choose to go for competitors in fear that their information might be compromised again. so schedule updates and keep all programs, software, and plugins updated regularly.