Software testing: Latest trends !

Software testing is the evaluation process of a software and ensuring its quality. We examine
the software with user requirements and confirming it meetup the proper specifications and methodologies.

1) Increasing Adoption of DevOps
According to the DevOps concepts, the testing starts at the beginning of the development cycle. The DevOps approach will help the Continuous Integration and Continues Delivery. Also, the testers can test the system and monitoring continuously.

2) Big Data Testing
Big data is a collection of large data sets. The data of the Big data is generated at a high velocity and high
volume. The testers testing the Big data they verify the terabytes of data are processed using commodity cluster and other supportive components. And they focus the performance and functional testing. The data quality is the key factor in big data and confirms the various characteristics such as conformity, accuracy, consistency, validity,
duplication, data completeness, etc.

3) IoT Testing
The Internet of things (IoT) is the connection of all devices with the internet, which will collect and exchange the data with each other. The sharing of data between the devices cause a huge chance of security issue. The IoT checking is mainly focused on this type of issues.

4) Cloud Testing
Cloud is a shared pool of computer resources and high-level services with minimal management effort over the internet.Nowadays most of the IT organizations are migrated to cloud solutions. So cloud testing is necessary to validate the business requirements and functional system. It also tests the cloud functions, redundancy and performance scalability.

5) Combining Manual and Automated Testing
More and more quality assurance most of the IT solutions are following the combination of manual and automated testing. Manual testing is the best way of testing the usability and designs elements of the system. So that it dominating the testing industry. The main preference for Automation testing is to test the system quickly. So that the combination of both testings creates best results.