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Planning and scheduling

Project management software lets you assign tasks to team members, and set priorities and deadlines. Adding due dates to tasks automatically sends a notification when the scheduled completion date is approaching and the activity is still incomplete.

Team collaboration

Project management software contains the features for file sharing, shared calendars, and contact lists. Any team member can add information to the system and others have quick access when and where they need it.


Project Management software provides access to all project information in one place, including scheduled and completed tasks, past and future calendar events, client details, project resources, expenses, and invoices sent to clients. Having all the data gathered in one comprehensive PM tool makes it easy to share with your team and access with just a few clicks. It is not essential to switch between multiple spreadsheets to find bits of data.


Project management software includes reporting tools that collect pre-entered project data and allow you to create customizable reports. The reports give you a quick overview of project performance and you can also identify the best performing project teams. If your charts show a negative trend, you can take action immediately.

Project budgeting

Project management software that tracks your expenses and provides quick and clear reports on budget performance. Project budgeting software provides you with weekly and monthly reports on your project spend, expenses and totals. You'll also notice when your project is going over budget.

Time tracking

Use time tracking software to document time spent on tasks and use the data to automate your billing process.

Billing & quotes

You can track time spent on tasks, add hourly rates to users, and create invoices based on work done.

Phases of PMT

Project Initiation

The aim of project initiation is to define the project in general. This process typically starts with a business case or project order. If research or feasibility testing is required, you must conduct it at this stage.

Project Planning

The planning phase is a way to successful project management and concentrates on developing a roadmap for the team to follow. During the planning phase, project managers need to organize their teams, set up collaborative resources, and set goals.

Project Execution

During the execution phase of the project, the team develops and finalizes the deliverables. This phase begins with a kick-off meeting, is characterized by the start of status reports and updates, and continues with performance and monitoring as the project progresses.

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Project Performance and Monitoring

Project performance and monitoring ensure that project results are consistent with the management plan. Project managers apply key performance indicators (KPIs) to find out if the project is on track.

Project Close

The team must formally close the project when it completes. Project managers typically hold a post-death meeting to assess successes and failures. Project closure helps a team identify things that went well and areas for improvement.

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Importance of PMT

Steady communication

Communication in project management is an extremely important aspect that can have a significant impact on a team's performance. Project managers need to ensure that the entire team shares a common end goal and works together to achieve it. The overall efficiency and productivity of the entire team is significantly improved, which also leads to other benefits.

Efficient resource allocation

The greatest resource available to any project manager is the team members. The project team consists of people from different backgrounds and departments who may have different commitments. With proper project planning, you can ensure they are available when needed.Other resources like budget, tools, machines and others can be effectively organized to avoid project delays during execution. By properly allocating each resource early on, you can monitor even the most challenging stages and prepare accordingly.

Great productivity

The field of project management is closely related to productivity. By using resources properly and implementing an efficient system, a project team can easily get more work done in less time and increase productivity.

Better customer satisfaction

Retaining customers is considered more important than attracting new customers, and a guaranteed way to do that is by offering unparalleled services. An effective set of operations that focuses on quality and efficiency will naturally satisfy customers.

Higher flexibility

As your customer base grows, your business will be able to raise more capital that you can use to grow the business and hire new talent.

Risk tolerance

Proper planning means being prepared for possible what-if scenarios that may arise. This means that you are reasonably prepared to deal with unforeseen events that could negatively impact your project.

Better morale

With continued success and effective performance, your team will gain more confidence. Effective project managers inspire their team by regularly encouraging and rewarding high performers to keep everyone motivated.

Quality control

Methods like Agile ensure the quality and applicability of the delivered product by creating a separate phase for testing and testing at each step. Good project management also puts you in control of deadlines and resources.

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