Procurement Management System

Procurement Management System
  • Eliminating bottlenecks faster 
  • Improving communication and governance
  • Better Transparency on Expenses
  • Procurement management system helps control and scalability 

Techrish procurement management system makes the management of Purchase Orders easy. This system is capable of reducing the overall costs by allowing you to have more control over your procurement operations and buyers, suppliers and stakeholders related to the process and helps your employees to save more time. This system will seamlessly connect employees, procurement, finance and vendors. Brings efficiency, speed, and transparency in the procurement – request, ordering, and delivery.
Our procurement management system modules are:

  • Purchase Request(PR)
  • Assign PR to Department
  • Send Quotations(Request For Quotation)
  • Accept/Reject RFQ
  • Accept/Reject Local Purchase Order (LPO)
  • Purchase Categories
  • Departments

Purchase Request

PR is a lightweight web-form. Catalogs often want to simplify the selection of frequently procured items. Purchase Request will be generated by staff and may manage based on the departments.

Assign PR to Department

In this system, we generate PR for products under various categories like IT – Laptop, Construction Materials, Software accessories, etc. If you need to purchase a new product under a category that is not available in this system, you’ve permission to add a new one. Likewise, you can do actions like view, update, and delete.

Send Quotations(Request For Quotation)

Once PR is properly created and approved, Request for Quotation (RFQ) is created and sent to all relevant vendors. An RFQ is a solicitation sent to potential suppliers/vendors. Vendor decisions are usually made by the well-trained procurement department.


Vendor management is a structured program to manage suppliers and improve its impact on the buyer’s business. It includes managing vendor deliverables, working collaboratively to co-develop new processes, overseeing consistence.

Accept/Reject RFQ

In an RFQ, you ask vendors to provide the prices and delivery times for the item quantities that you specify. Vendors can reply to your RFQ by filling a form. Initially, the PR status is “pending”. When you receive bids from the vendors, the PR status will be changed to “In Progress”.


The multifunctional procurement system helps automate purchases. Techrish has developed a web procurement solution that reduces the time and effort needed to control enterprise expenses. The client intends to configure this procurement system for industrial and commercial agencies, retail chains, distribution companies, etc…