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Phases of PMS

Purchase Request

The purchase request (PR) is generated by employees and can be managed by the department. The generated PR is then sent to the project manager for approval. It may be approved or rejected . After approval by the project manager, it is forwarded to the purchasing manager.

Assign PR to Department

Supplier decisions are usually made by the well-trained purchasing department. There are 4 main departments in procurement: IT department, Stationery, Logistics department, Admin Department. Here, the purchasing manager checks the PR and assigns it to the appropriate department

Request For Quotation

Once the PR is successfully created and approved, the Request for Quotation (RFQ) is made and sent to all relevant vendors.

Accept/Reject RFQ

In this stage the vendor accepts/rejects the RFQ. If the vendor accepts the RFQ Vendors reply to your RFQ by filling a form.

Quotation from Vendors

After accepting the RFQ, the vendor prepares a quotation with the price and stock of the product and sends it.


Vendor decisions are usually made by the well-trained purchasing department. After the bid deadline, the procurement department can review the bids, reject inappropriate ones, and select the winning bidder.


Identifying the best quote, such as the one that offers the best total price. The status of the quotation that the vendor sends, accepts quotations is updated to Accepted and others are changed to Rejected.

Purchase Order

After approval, the purchase order can be generated. A purchase order is the formal confirmation of an order. A copy will be sent to the vendor, who can approve or reject the order.

Receive Receipt and Invoice

Once the vendor has approved the order, he prepares the goods or services to be delivered.


Saving Time

Get rid of manual data processing and excel macro which will save time and can handle more data via web system when compared to excel macro

Out-and-Out Tracking

Can track activity based on users/ department logins

Access Permission

Assign users with different permissions as it is a web system

Centralized Database

Centralized database supports to handle data from common pool to all users

Easy to Access

Easy to access the system from anywhere with an internet connectivity

Record keeping

Filtering of records(Quotations, suppliers etc) will be easy

Data Visibility

Can set up logins for specific departments and limit data visibility

Single Data System

All the data is stored in a single system, so it is very helpful to get the purchase report and offer report very easily for review in a prescribed format.

End-to-end digitization platform


All of our apps are fully customizable, right out of the box. Coupled with our guided scripting feature, Creator’s drag-and-drop form builder lets you add unlimited functionality to your app. And you can easily add modules that fit your business needs and work seamlessly together with the app


Integrate with a variety of third-party ecommerce sites that sync with your orders and automatically update information based on orders placed.

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Features of PMS


This will be handling users, department, roles in the backend and login, registration from the frontend. All users in the system will have a dashboard after login.


This will handle all the administrative activities. It's a super user that will have control over the entire system.


This will handle all the purchase requests


The purpose of this module for approval of the project manager. We can create more project manager roles if needed.


All the quotations can be managed here with the status of each.


There are various departments under the procurement section.IT Department, Stationeries, Logistics Department, Admin Department. Department related data will be handled here.


We can manage all the vendors here


This will act like a media library consisting of all the documents. Documents will be viewable only based on user role and permission.

Privileges of PMS

  1. Global data view: System help organization efficiently manage their purchasing cycle and maximize the profit on every purchase order

  2. Acknowledging the status of process to all people in the system

  3. Keep delivery records

  4. Ensuring your records are kept up-to-date, Those records are of critical importance for financial forecasting, or in the vent of an audit

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