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Travel and Tourism
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The tourism management system would be critical in organizing the ideal vacation. The tourism management system gives users access to all relevant information, such as weather, location, events, and so on. It entails overseeing a wide range of tasks, including researching tour sites, preparing the tour, making travel arrangements, and providing lodging. It also entails marketing efforts to entice tourists to visit specific locations. The major goal of this system is to eliminate manual errors by implementing a computerized system.

Customers can log in or register and search for tour packages. Customers may easily book on the website. Customers can also check their Tour history and tickets that have been issued, among other features. Admins can also create, administer, and handle packages, bookings, issues, queries, and pages. The design is straightforward, and the user will find it easy to comprehend, use, and navigate.

Management of tour packages

Users can look at the many tour packages that are accessible to travelers. They can choose any package from this module and book it by providing the customer’s information and the tour’s From/To dates. They may also be given the authority to cancel the tour.

  • Organize Users
  • Admins have the ability to manage users.
  • Bookings are simple

Customers can view and book tour packages after logging into the system and providing the tour plan’s start and end dates. After that, the administrator will review the package and, depending on its availability, will either cancel or confirm it. Users can also have permission to cancel the tour for some reason. If the package is canceled by user, its status will be changed to Canceled by User with the canceled date whereas if it is canceled by admin status will be Canceled by You.

Management of inquiries

This system also handles any consumer questions about the tour package, refunds, and other issues. Users have the ability to make queries about tour packages. Admin can read the enquiries and take action based on them. The ticket id is used to identify inquiries.