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Oil and Gas
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Oil And Gas Industry Technology Solutions have changed and grown over the years. In today’s increasingly competitive markets, a software service is critical in every industry to produce superior company results. You can get a complete and fully integrated solution at Techrish.

Techrish’s main goal is to help you gain critical insights and boost your company’s efficiency. We have a team of professionals who provide a complete oil and gas software solution. For us, the end purpose is not just to save money, but also to achieve a diverse set of results. We assist our clients with company ideas and give them an impactful solution, no matter how difficult the work is.

Why Choose Techrish for your technological needs?

We are committed to providing a variety of oil and gas products and services to overcome technology challenges around the world. If you choose us to fulfill your technological demands and stay ahead of the competition, we assure you that:

  • We build, evaluate, and rationalize technology solutions based on a full grasp of your company’s business benefits.
  • We provide an integrated web application that assists our clients in achieving better procedures, enhanced efficiency, and improved outcomes.
  • We reinvent our application development offerings to help our clients stay ahead of the curve in terms of services and rivals.
  • We give end-to-end service to our clients, ensuring that their needs are met at all levels of satisfaction.

Our Contributions to the Industry:

Procurement Management Application

Procurement management is a type of management in which products and services are obtained from another company or organization. The best part about it is that it simplifies requisitions, procurement, buy requests, estimates, purchase orders, and transactions and allows you to develop outstanding connections with your suppliers. Also, it oversees continuing supplier base as well as transactional goods and service purchases.

Fleet Maintenance System Application

The Fleet Maintenance System is tracking software that enables collecting and organizing preventative and corrective maintenance data for your fleet simple and straightforward. Any unplanned vehicle upkeep will be documented and kept as well. This system includes everything you’ll need to keep track of a fleet of generators, storage tanks, external breakers, soft starters, trailers, and industrial equipment. This system is well-designed and easy to use.