Food and Accommodation

Food and Accommodation
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  • Restaurant Management System 
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Techrish has a professional and competent staff of web designers and developers who are capable of offering an array of Restaurant or Rental website design and development services. Customer management systems, restaurant management systems, online food delivery systems, applications, and rental systems are among the services we offer. We offer a comprehensive range of on-demand services at Techrish, using cutting-edge technology and the greatest app developers.

Customer Management System: Any business’s most valuable asset is its customer data. A team with clean, accurate, and properly structured data will be able to deliver appropriate services while saving time and money. Maintaining client information in emails, spreadsheets, or on paper is a difficult undertaking in and of itself. It is time-consuming to obtain data from such sources, and there is a great risk that the information would be misplaced or deleted due to its disorganized nature. A customer relationship management system is a collection of all the systems, processes, and applications required to manage client interactions.

Restaurant Management System: A restaurant management system is software that has been built exclusively for use in the restaurant sector. These systems, often referred to as restaurant management software, are designed to aid leaders and others in doing the most important managerial responsibilities. This type of system could be a full all-in-one solution that combines point-of-sale functions like payment processing with more sophisticated back-end features like workforce management, inventory management, and a booking or reservations system. Some restaurant management systems, on the other hand, concentrate on specific areas.

Online Food Delivering Applications: Techrish, as a leading on-demand app development company, can assist you in developing full-fledged food ordering and delivery apps. Make use of the popularity and power of prominent food delivery services to grow your business. Create a customized food delivery app, with extensive features and cutting-edge technology. As a leading meal delivery app provider in India, we are able to link clients with eateries.

Rental System: Landlords will no longer have to sift through enormous book records to maintain their tenants’ information; instead, they will be confronted with an intuitive management dashboard that provides them with information on their tenants and properties. The system allows administrators, owners, and tenants to log in. Admin is in charge of the entire system. Tenants and other users can only be added by the administrator.