Financial Services

Financial Services
  • Financial Calculator Development
  • Employee and Client Management System
  • Payroll Management System


Techrish has skilled professional web developers who can assist you with exceptional financial services by creating financial or banking websites and web applications. We develop financial calculators, employee and client management systems, and payroll management systems, among other things.

With specialized web and mobile solutions, we handle all of your financial demands. Using cutting-edge technology and our top app developers, we offer a broad array of on-demand services. We have specialists who are familiar with the financial services industry and can evaluate your web and mobile development requirements.

Financial Calculator Development

Techrish can assist you in developing your data into an easy-to-use Financial Calculator app or web widget. Clients and sales teams will benefit from this product. By restricting and personalizing the questions and messages requested from and given to customers, our calculators make communicating quantitative advantages to them easier.

Employee and Client Management System

Employees are a company’s most valuable asset and the key advocates of a profitable business. As a result, in addition to managing clients and customers for business purposes, an organization’s primary obligation is to manage and meet the demands of its own personnel.

For all Human Resources, a well-integrated ERM provides a dedicated information base system. Here are a few highlights of what you can do with our Employee and Client Management System:

  • Profile Management
  • Payment/Compensation
  • Training
  • Leave Management
  • Meetings and Certifications
  • Generate Letters and data
  • Online Alerts

Payroll Management System

The setup is simple and clear
To get your payroll up and running straight away, enter your company’s information, tax information, employee information, compensation components, and payment schedule.
Various work locations
We assist you in distributing the same exact pay slips across all of your branches in different states as you continue to grow your business.
Tailored Salary components
Allowances, incomes, reimbursements, and perquisites can all be customized for various employees. Individual components can be easily enabled or disabled, and the payroll system will respond to your preferences and compute the appropriate compensation.
Allowances that are culturally appropriate
To help your employees while they support your business, choose from a choice of predefined allowances or create your own allowance categories.
Policies that establish the tone of your company
Define your company’s FBP, reimbursement claims, IT declaration, and investment proof submission rules.