Education and E-Learning

Education and E-Learning
  • Online Examination System
  • Student Management System
  • Moodle Customization System 


Additionally, technology enhances the quality of education by offering ways of teaching, monitoring, and assessing students, as well as administrative help to schools and universities. At Techrish, our technical skills help educational institutions and colleges improve and manage their systems by offering extensive custom web applications.

Our contributions to the Education and E-learning industry:

Student Management Systems

At Techrish, we’ve created a student management system, which is a piece of software that helps an institute run its day-to-day operations. The main aspects of this system are student management, trainer management, and course management. This system aids the institute in storing, managing, and disseminating all student, kickstart engineer, student, and trainer information.

The system’s dashboard is simple to use. A rapid overview of admin users, students, trainers, and kickstart engineers, along with their total count, provides a snapshot of the system’s users.
This system primarily has four primary interfaces. Admin, Kickstart engineers, Trainers, and students are among them. Login, forget password, email notifications, and profile settings are all standard interfaces in any system.
Admin is in charge of the entire system. After successful registration, users such as students, trainers, and startup engineers can log in to the system.

Studybell Student Learning App

We, at Techrish, created the Studybell student learning app, which is suitable for both aided and unaided schools in Kerala. This program is capable of handling both academic and non-academic subjects on its own.
A section for parents provides information on how to educate their children. In these difficult times, Techrish designed this app with the support of its specialists so that instructors can log in and conduct online lessons as well as share their notes. Not only is this app beneficial to teachers and students, but the headmaster may also log in and add or designate important instructions to students and teachers.
It’s a very secure program because it takes all necessary security procedures while dealing with viruses and other problems.

Few Websites for Schools

Techrish assists educational institutions, as well as universities, with effective communications in an attempt to advance students with the ever-increasing requirements of ensuring high-quality education with a greater reach in a cost-effective manner.
Our technological capabilities have made it easy for us to develop websites for schools that assist our clients in overcoming challenges in a variety of areas which, in turn, aids with the development of personalized education programs and the rationalizing of academic services.