Important Email Marketing Trends to Watch Out in 2022

The way we do business and how we communicate with customers is constantly changing. A decade ago, people chose face-to-face meetings at the office. Nowadays, even the most serious problems can be easily solved via Zoom. More and more people are opting for digital. However, that doesn’t mean your traditional business will die out. Everyone can adapt to an ever-changing world. This article will talk about the biggest Email marketing trends in 2022.

The good news is that the tried-and-true ways of reaching customers still work. Email marketing is alive and well. It is one of the most authentic communication channels. Everyone will use it to promote their products, defend their brands, communicate with the target market, and make money. So, it is necessary to focus on your email marketing campaigns and strategies.

Important Email Marketing Trends in 2022

  1. User-generated content

It’s one of the most effective and easiest ways to get more conversions and improve your organic traffic.

In the simplest sense, user-generated content is your customers’ reviews of specific products; their ratings; photos of your customers using the products; etc. When users regularly see positive feedback from a diverse group of customers, it helps make a good impression. This increases the chances of conversion. Collecting user-generated content is easy as you can encourage your customers to submit photos of themselves using the product or include a CTA in a survey or poll to collect the data quickly. By including this data in your email copy, it is possible to persuade your readers to buy the product, thereby increasing ROI.

  1. Micro segmentation

Customer segmentation is a very beneficial way to increase conversion rates. In 2022, it’s time to move from segmentation to micro-segmentation. This includes diving into customer behavior data, their preferences, location, personality, etc. before including them in specific email list categories. Research has shown that your audience’s behavioral needs are never the same. It always changes from time to time. This means your customer lists need to be regularly updated and possibly renewed based on their current behavioral patterns. One way to do this is to include a survey in your email to keep up to date with the changing needs and preferences of your target audience.

  1. Use of artificial intelligence

Although AI is a newcomer to the marketing game, the immense results it could produce are already making marketers think. Huge amounts of data come into play with every digital interaction, whether it’s an online purchase or an abandoned cart. With the power of AI and big data, it is possible to analyze billions of data sets in seconds and get tangible results. So, in short, AI can not only improve your marketing efficiency in a short period of time, but also save you a significant amount of money incurred by your campaigns.

  1. Personalization

Studies have shown that customers are very conscious about the information collected from them. Your customers agree to provide you with their personal information in the belief that you will use it to better serve them based on their needs. Since you have been in the marketing game for quite some time, you may have plenty of customer information. It knows where they live, what their names are, what items they buy frequently, how often they shop, what their preferences are, and how often they visit your shopping page. By using email personalization techniques, it is possible to use your customer information to tailor it to a specific audience category. By personalizing your marketing emails, you can improve their effectiveness in many ways. We are not just talking about your customers’ first and last names here — there is so much more at stake when it comes to personalizing your email newsletters.

  1. Mobile optimization

We live in a world dominated by smartphones. Everything from shopping for groceries to holding official meetings is now made easier by mobile phones. It goes without saying that your email marketing strategy should include mobile optimization techniques to reach the target audience where you are most likely to find them. When a user opens your email on their mobile device, it is important to make sure it loads correctly. If a user cannot properly read your offers or promotions, they are less likely to see your email again on their computer as soon as they get back home. Your optimization techniques should ensure that the newsletter design is mobile-friendly, the CTAs are clearly visible, and the loading speed is good.

  1. Crisp designs

One of the major marketing trends you could see in 2022 would be a shift towards crisp newsletter designs. Gone are the days when newsletters were cluttered with junk and unnecessary content. Your email is just one of many that arrive in your readers’ inboxes every day. So you want to make sure your email is visually appealing.

  1. Quality of landing pages

Landing page is the place where the user lands after clicking the CTA button in a marketing email. The problem with many marketers is that they put all their effort into crafting well-designed marketing emails but put less effort into creating a landing page. In order to have a better conversion, you need to put a lot of effort and time into designing a landing page. In short, your landing page should say what is mentioned in the email and provide value to the customers they reach.

  1. Email accessibility

One of the most important tips companies should keep in mind when sending out their marketing emails is to make their emails accessible to as many people as possible. Marketers need to ensure their emails are being received and read by people in different geographic locations and accessed through different devices by using simple and easy text, adequate font size, crystal clear graphics and engaging color combination.

  1. Data privacy

It is undeniable that the world of the internet is full of threats. Every day, we hear about massive data leaks, even from well-known brands and corporations. Today’s shoppers are concerned about their privacy and most will be hesitant to share their personal information. In such cases, the best way to build trust is through open communication with your readers. For example, you could send an email telling your customers that their information is safe, and so on, and all its processes comply with the regulations of GDPR and PCI standards.

  1. Interactivity

As competition in the market continues to increase, marketers are putting more effort into ensuring their email campaigns are compelling and engaging to users. Far from most people, it is not that strenuous to make your campaigns immersive. You can achieve interactivity imply by:

  • Calls to action and animated GIFs
  • Gamification feature
  • Image rollover effects
  • Adding dark mode along with normal mode
  • Polls and other user-generated content Adding interactive sounds


A global pandemic has shaken things up and made some drastic changes to our lifestyles. In order to stay afloat and face the fierce competition next year, we must face these changes and do our best.

When it comes to email marketing, this is where you need to keep track. Follow email marketing trends and email design trends to make the most of these uncertain times and raise money even in the worst-case scenarios in 2022.