How to Set Up Inbound Marketing Strategy for E-Commerce

The online market is becoming highly competitive and overcrowded. It has become quite difficult for e-commerce businesses to attract and engage customers to make purchases. As a result it is important for e-commerce stores, especially newcomers to develop an inbound marketing strategy


Inbound marketing for e-commerce involves getting customers to your online store with interactive and relevant content in order to increase sales and conversions. Simply, inbound marketing strategies help your businesses to attract the customers to your product or services in an organic and natural manner.


How to create an inbound marketing strategy for your e-commerce store


  • Research the customers:


Attract the customers attention in a natural way by means of appealing to their interest and fulfilling their needs. It is not possible to develop the best strategy without researching your customers. We want to consider potential customers’ demographics such as Age, Gender, Location, Income, Nationality and so on. And also evaluate and try to solve the issues faced by the customers.


  • Develop a branding strategy:


Branding can easily differentiate your e-commerce store from others on the market even from other competitor brands. Branding obviously makes your business closer to your customers. Customers’ preference is always to do business with brands. Brand identity reveals your company’s mission and core values to the audience uniquely.


  • Leverage social media:


Social media platforms are crucial for inbound marketing. You can interact with your customers and keep meaningful relationships with them easily on social media. You can create quality leads through good interactions and informative content. And also you can conduct contests and rewards, online reviews and so on.


  • Leverage SEO:


Search engine optimization (SEO) helps your business to get customers naturally. Search engine optimization inbound marketing activity organically enhances your e-commerce visibility, awareness, credibility and exposure. Technical, On-site, and Off-site SEO are the main three SEO strategies that help to make your business easier for customers to find in google ranking.


  • Email marketing Inbound Marketing Strategy:


Most of the people do not complete their purchase because of the lengthy checkout process, high shipping and delivery charges. We can track such customers using cart abandonment tools and encourage them to re-engage them by email marketing inbound marketing strategies. By the way you can increase your chances of recovering the lost customer.


  • Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR):


Buyers can get a better view of what they’re buying with augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) before making a purchase.


AR enables prospective buyers to add a product to their environment before purchasing. This demonstrates how a product can be integrated into its surroundings.


  • Paid Advertising:


With Paid Advertising you can promote your social media posts and collaborate with influential people to do so. You can increase the reach of your images, videos by applying a boost option in Facebook and Instagram. It will enable your post to reach wide and increase the chance of getting more engagement on your content.




Inbound marketing is not a simple thing and you have to ensure that customers must be able to see you and become interested in your business without being pushed with sales and custom offers. Creating an online presence is the first step towards inbound marketing, which will result in organic traffic and qualified leads for your e-commerce store.

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