Google’s Chrome 51: Less Battery Drain From Video, Simpler Site Logins – Plus 42 Bug Fixes

Google has rolled out Chrome 51 for Windows and Mac, bringing a ton of security fixes and new features for developers and users.
The Chrome 51 browser introduces the new Credential Management API that should make signing into sites less of a hassle. Developers can use the API to allow their users to sign in once and be automatically signed back in on their return.
The API should bring additional benefits to Android users as they move between the desktop and their mobiles. In Chrome, the credentials are stored in the browser’s password manager, which can be synced with Android apps that have integrated Google’s Smart Lock for Passwords API.
Google has also reduced the burden of offscreen rendering and says it can help cut power consumption by up to 30 percent on popular mobile sites. The feature is designed to minimize the impact on a device’s battery caused by videos, social widgets, and ads.