Custom WordPress Layout using Elementor Page Builder

Are you looking for the best page builder for your WordPress site? We recommend you Elementor as the best choice. We experienced, We recommend, Elementor for Pixel Perfect Designs in WordPress.

Why ElementorPageBuilder?

Elementor allows you to create custom WordPress layout without having the knowledge of coding. Elementor is a Visual Drag and Drop WordPress Page Builder Plugin.

Visual: You can see the content you design in the same way the visitors will see.

Drag and Drop: You can move around the design elements just by drag and drop them.

Let’s Start

First, Download the Elementor Pro plugin. Once you launch the elementor editor, You will see the below screen.



  • Content Area: Area to build the theme or design.
  • Elements / Widgets : Building blocks
  • Setting: Helps you undo the changes and preview the design

Elementor layouts are built using sections, columns, and widgets.


Sections: Sections are rows or blocks that you place on your page

Columns: Each section has multiple columns.

Widgets: Contents blocks that you can place in your Elementor sections.

Adding a new element to the design

Simply drag and drop the elements from the left sidebar on to the content area. To further style and control any of your elements, columns, or sections, you can click on your desired content and then use the tabs in the sidebar.

Features of Elementor

  • 50+ more widgets
  • Customize every part of your theme
  • Add custom CSS and live preview
  • Embed Anything Anywhere
  • Integrate with WooCommerce without any coding
  • Dynamic content integration
  • Email Integration

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