Database Search and Replace Script in PHP

Database Search and Replace Script in PHP WordPress sites is the most user-friendly one of the time. It’s a front-end tool for developers and customers so managing this tool is simple. That allows you to carry out database-wide search/replace actions also actions allowed select tables or all tables.

There are 2 steps needs for the installation.

  • Registration form.

It has come to our attention that some users have been leaving this script on their servers despite advice to the contrary. Due to the very real dangers, it can present when used that way, we now ask that you complete a form where we make sure you’re aware of these risks in order to receive the download link.

  • Installation

Download the script from the link you received by email, and install it to a secret folder with an obfuscated name. Your server should also not be set to provide directory lists.

A typical WordPress install with this script would have the folders as follows:

Do not install Search Replace Database to the root folder or in WordPress’s own folder hierarchy or you risk all sorts of potential problems. Just don’t. It must run in its own folder.