Calabash- Automation Tool for Android Testing

October 23, 2019



Calabash is an automation testing tool that can be used for both iOS and Android applications. The test scenarios are written in Cucumber, which is a user-friendly script.

This open-source tool is developed and maintained by Xamarin. The main advantage of Cucumber script is the pattern is very similar to a plain conversation in English and all the statements are defined by using Ruby language.

In Calabash, a cucumber statement must be defined only once but can be repeated for different scenarios of a cucumber script.

Why Calabash?

The libraries in the calabash framework help to interact with the Android and iOS apps.
There are two different projects on GitHub that make Calabash possible:

  • calabash-android – for Android
  • calabash-ios – for iOS

Calabash can work with any Ruby-based test framework. Before you start installing the Calabash, install Ruby on your machine.

Sample Cucumber code:

Feature: Calabash Test for Sign in Functionality
Scenario: Sign in to an account
Given I am looking at Home page
Then I touch the Sign In Button
Then I wait for Sign In page to appear
Then I enter Sign in Email ID
Then I enter Sign in Password
Then I touch the “Submit” text
Then I print Sign in successful
Ruby code:
Given (/^I am looking at Home Page$/) do
wait_for(:timeout =>60) { element_exists(“* id: ‘Home_header’”)}
Then (/^I touch the Sign In Button $/) do
touch(query(“* id:’Sign In Button’”))
Then (/^I wait for Sign In page to appear $/) do
wait_for(:timeout =>60) { element_exists(“* id: ‘signin_header’”)}
Then (/^I enter Sign in Email ID$/) do
query(“* id:’emailaddresses’”,{:setText => ‘[email protected]’})
Then (/^I enter Sign in Password $/) do
query(“* id:’password’”,{:setText => 123456})


  • Platform independent.
  • Time consumption is very low as compared to manual testing.
  • Basic programming knowledge suffices to understand.
  • Since it supports Emulators, there is no need to use external devices.


  • Which supports only Ruby language.
  • Non availability of an IDE or an Editor.
  • Don’t get much online support.

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