Avada allows you to build a perfect design style. Avada is more than a theme it’s a powerful design tool.

Coding knowledge is not required by using this theme.

Avada’s fusion builder

Avada’s fusion builder help to develop a verity of responsive design websites. By using fusion builder you should take care about the following factors:

Column options:

Developer can choose the columns and also resize the column box. For this you just simply click ‘+’ or ‘-‘

Builder Elements:

There is a set of builder options available in builder element’s list. For faster page creation you can clone the element or an entire container. This allows you to quickly duplicate the content.

Custom Templates:

Fusion Builder allows you to create your own unique pages and save them as a template to use at a later time.

Individual delete options are available for each element or you can fully delete the content. You can add sliders by using avada theme and also set the style options there.