9 features of CRM which will help you in generating leads faster?

Lead generation is the most important aspect of any business. The sales team must put forth a lot of effort and creativity. Because there are thousands of tasks to be completed during the sales process, managing them using traditional methods is impossible. As a result, the result is nowhere near the preset targets. People who are proactive can hit the target without even looking at it, but the rest of us need help from tools to achieve the goal that is required to stay on top. Using CRM software is one of the best ways on the market to increase a salesperson’s efficiency (Customer Relationship Management).

CRM software’s role is to simplify business management while focusing solely on generating leads and revenue. A proper follow-up with good communication leaves a good impression on your leads.


The 10 important features of CRM Software are these:


  • Business Alerts:


This is not your typical pop-up or notification; business alerts are similar to opportunities. Everyone wants to make money and expand their business. When someone visits your website, mentions you on social media, or opens your emails, VS CRM notifies you. VS CRM tracks all customer activities – including leads integration Platforms like Justdial, sulekha, magic bricks, and so on – so you can respond immediately, right from the VS CRM, and never miss an opportunity.


  • Workforce Management:


Effective lead communication increases the likelihood of converting leads into customers. Vs CRM manages your salesforce from lead generation to conversion with proper follow-up and requirements gathering. It also allows the admin to assign tasks to their workforce based on their designation and work, allowing the administrator to monitor each employee’s work and performance.

  • Mobile Access:


Time is valuable, and everyone wants to finish the task at hand as soon as possible. CRM, on the other hand, does it for you in the form of mobile apps. Mobile access has made it more reliable and simple to access all of the information of clients, connect calls quickly, record every important call, and share voice notes and files on the go. With Mobile CRM, you can manage the entire organization’s sales cycle in the palm of your hand.


  • Leads Platform Integration:


Specifically, these platforms are also known as business listing platforms, which are used to list businesses based on their services. When leads interact on these platforms, you can manage them directly from your CRM. Platforms such as Justdial, sulekha, 99acres, and magicbricks integrate and share critical lead data with your sales pipeline. With the custom integration, you’ll have greater lead reach, allowing you to reach new milestones every day.


  • Leads Status Management:


A lead management system ensures that you drive more sales and achieve your revenue goals. Proper follow-up with prospective leads takes very little time to convert into clients. VS CRM manages everything for you, from importing bulk leads to managing communication to recording every call, all on one platform.


  • Sales Pipeline Management:


Set goals and assign tasks to individuals based on information stored in the CRM. Now, the team or individual working on the goal can assess their performance by utilizing real-time data and task status from the CRM. A sales forecast can only be accurate if good insights into team performance are gained. Integrated sales tracking assists your sales team in making better decisions for flawless project management.

  • Marketing Automation:


Jio is a successful marketing example. You cannot imagine good sales without marketing; for sales growth, you must analyze both marketing and sales data for a targeted campaign. CRM becomes more effective and accurate when marketing platforms such as Bulk SMS, Mails, WhatsApp, and Google Ads are integrated.


  • Call Recordings:


Enter all pertinent information into your CRM. A salesperson is always dependent on a call, but what if he forgets to record important information? CRM precisely works on every key point of sales, from client management to conversion, and you can record point-to-point information at every step of this pipeline. This unique feature is integrated with mobile CRM and will assist you in call recording as well as call automation, allowing you to effectively manage all calls.


  • Predictive sales Management:


Have you ever seen a magician’s hand holding a crystal ball, which he used to predict the future? Now your company could have its own crystal ball, allowing you to create opportunities and chart a course. CRM generates data-driven predictions that aid in the development of an effective sales framework.



CRM is the most effective tool for any business, but choosing one that can scale with your needs is difficult. All of these features are necessary in a CRM to improve your relationship with your customers. VS CRM has a truly amazing interface that includes all of the necessary functionality for connecting customers.