8 Major SEO Mistakes you should avoid to Rank first on Google

SEO stands for search engine optimization. It means improving a website’s visibility in search engines. To rank in Google, SEO is a keyword-based practice. Without the right keywords and placement, it will be challenging to rank for that keyword.


What matters is that your websites rank on the first three pages of the search engine. Otherwise, your efforts will inevitably end in vain. So avoid SEO mistakes and feel a strong presence on the World Wide Web.

8 Important SEO Mistakes

Here we have explained the SEO mistakes you should avoid ranking your business website on Google or any other search engine!


  1. Not Knowing Your Audience


SEO is an essential part of digital marketing. If you don’t know your target audience well in marketing, you are about to suffer. Who is your target audience and what they are looking for on Google should be at your fingers.


If you know your target audience well, choose the right keywords to optimize your website. Just as you have some interests, your potential would too have them. You need to discover people whose interests match exactly what you offer.

You can create your customer persona to better understand their psyche. Here too, marketers made mistakes. They end up only creating one or two personas from their ideal audience, which is wrong. People’s interests and preferences vary, as do their personas.


  1. Absence of an SEO Strategy


Every business wants to appear first on Google. No company wants its business to suffer just because they rank lower than its competitors in search engines.


If you really care about your business, you should have best practices on your side. Strategies give you futuristic insights into what you might do in a challenging situation that could traumatize your business.


Most small and medium-sized businesses struggle only because of a lack of strategy. According to a study, only 36% of businesses use SEO strategies to up their game. Without a plan, I doubt you can be as successful as I am.


  1. Audience-oriented Content


There are also many pitfalls in search engine optimization and one of them is content creation. Content is everything! It helps you attract an audience, which then becomes a fan base. If you don’t produce content your potential customers aren’t looking for, do you think they’ll even open your website?


Create or write content that reflects what your potential customers are dealing with in their daily lives. People love to read about themselves! No, you don’t have to write about it in literary terms. You just have to write about their problem along with a solution. Then you don’t have to tempt them to come to you.


A good content writer is someone who understands human psychology. If you can understand what your customer thinks and why he thinks that way? You can easily write content that makes him want to read what you write for him from the inside out.


  1. Not Publishing Original Content


The content you publish on your website should be good enough, if not the best content available on the web. But duplication is strictly forbidden. Posting duplicate content will do two things: You will never impress the search engines. You will never acquire a loyal audience.


Never copy and paste any content. Create your own writing style and create content on any subject related to human psychology.


  1. Keywords Having Stuffed Content


Adding more keywords than this number to your content is counted as keyword stuffing. You should abstain from this practice as Google hates it. Especially after the google hummingbird update padding is strictly forbidden to rank on the first page.

When you misuse target words, it sends a signal to search engines that you’re spamming their platform. And spammers are always blocked! Your initial focus should be on writing content for people, not the search engine. When people love your content, Google automatically improves its ranking on the platform.


  1. Mobile Unresponsiveness


With the advent of new technologies and cheap internet around the world, the number of mobile phone users has increased dramatically. Ask website developers how much effort they put into designing their websites.

What they do is they know that people are more attached to their mobile devices than they are to computers. Every day, people consume content through their mobile phones. It is therefore important to ensure website responsiveness.


So, one of the SEO mistakes marketers make is not considering mobile responsiveness or mobile-friendly content. If you want to achieve your goals effectively, you have to care!


  1. Absence of Engaging Title Tags and Meta Descriptions


Title tags and headers are the most accessible places to implement your SEO strategy, but many small business owners ignore them.


When ranking results, search engines give more weight to the keywords found in your titles and headings than those found in paragraphs and product descriptions.

Make your title and headings unique, short, and without too many keywords. It is advisable to include your brand name on these labels as well.


Of all the SEO mistakes you can make, this is one of the simplest to avoid. Give a small thought to your site’s title tags and headings, and you’ll take care of the consequential part of your SEO work.


  1. Weak Social Media Presence


Many small business owners set up a Facebook page and Twitter account and then forget about it.


Abandoned social media accounts can do more harm than good. Customers who see you haven’t posted in a while will not be impressed and will leave. This is the strength of social media.


Promoting your business through social media should be an important part of your marketing approach. Interaction with social media has become a high priority for search engines, which is used to indicate how well your business is interacting with your customers. The greater your engagement, the greater your ranking.




If you’re an entrepreneur or marketer looking to climb the ladder of success with Google, you can’t do it without SEO. SEO is often referred to as the voice of the customer. If you do it right, you can achieve famous results in less time. This article will help you change them to position your website on the first page of Google. We hope this post is worth finding!