5 Best Plugins to monitor and track User Activity in WordPress

If you are running a multi-user WordPress site, you are probably finding a way to monitor user activity in your WordPress site. In this article, we’ll show you the 5 Best Plugins to Track and Monitor User Activity of your website. This assists with understanding what’s going on your site, for instance when a client signed in, what are their exercises in the wake of entering your site, if an Editor rolled out any improvements to your post or page and in particular if a client is attempting to savage power assault on your site and so forth.
By default, there is no way to track user activity in WordPress. But there are many plugins available for tracking user activity.
Why would you need WordPress Activity log and Tracking plugin?
Keeping an activity log in WordPress helps you track and monitor user actions on your website.
If you allow other users to adjust your site settings or update modules and subjects, they may make an issue while evolving something, at that point you can perceive what did they change and you can show them how to utilize the capacity appropriately.

5 Best Plugins to Track and Monitor User Activity

1. WP Security Audit Log
WP Security Audit Log is the most comprehensive WordPress activity log plugin. This plugin will allow you to monitor and track the user activities on your website. Also supports WordPress multi site functionality.
You can view all the changes that are made by other users such as creating and updating posts, pages, media uploads etc. You can terminate a user session from the dashboard at any time which would log them out of your website.
This plugin also come up with all kinds of reports for different activities for tracking purpose. All WordPress logging functionality is FREE. Features such as reports, email notifications & search are available in the Premium Edition.
2. Simple History
Simple History is a simpler and excellent WordPress Plugin for monitoring purpose. This plugin will show recent changes made within WordPress, directly on your dashboard or on a separate page.
It keeps track of all user activity on your site. This includes post and page editing, image uploads, comments, widgets, user profiles, login sessions, theme changes, and more.
Simple History will support the following plugins by default. Jetpack, ACF, User Switching, Beaver Builder etc.
3. ActivityLog
ActivityLog is a user monitoring and tracking plugin. This is a fast plugin which works behind the scenes, so it doesn’t affect site and admin performance.
You can set the plugin to send you notification emails for certain events. The plugin also allows you to easily export activity logs as a CSV file to your computer. Also, support you to easily export activity log to Export Personal Data tool for better GDPR compliance.
4. User Activity Log
User Activity Log is another great plugin for monitoring site activities. The free version plugin has many useful features that will show you all users’ activities such as WordPress core updates, post and page updates, tag changes, plugin activated and deactivated, theme activated and deactivated, user’s activity throughout your site and much more. You will also get email notification when a particular user logged in to your site.
Pro version of User Activity Log will support more functionalities such as track your multiple blog author’s activities, track who has logged in and when with IP address, view successful/ unsuccessful login/logout attempts, track which IP addresses are targeting your login page etc.
5. Stream
Stream is a very lightweight WordPress user activity tracking plugin. Every logged-in user action is displayed in an activity stream and organized for easy filtering by User, Role, Context, Action or IP address.
It also have Built-in tracking integrations for popular plugins,

  • ACF
  • BuddyPress
  • WooCommerce
  • Gravity Forms
  • User Switching

Installing a user monitoring and tracking plugin will give you useful information about what’s happening on your site. In this blog, I have discussed both the free and premium versions of user activity plugins for WordPress.
You can choose the best plugin based on the website you are running. If you are running a small blogging website then you can use free plugins like simple history. But for business websites, you can purchase premium plugins like WP Security Audit Log Pro.
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