The benefits of using low cost Laravel for web app development in the UK According to Google Trends, Laravel has been used to develop the most commonly visited and frequently-trafficked websites in the UK

Laravel is an open-source, PHP-based framework. PHP stands for Hypertext Processor, and is a multi-purpose scripting language designed specifically for web-development. Laravel was created to make the development of web-based apps quicker and easier. To accomplish this, Laravel utilizes built-in features such as MVC. MVC is a design pattern which separates the developed app into three different sections: Model, View, and Controller. Laravel’s integration of these features during the development phase allows for the creation of a more user-friendly web app. Laravel, by design, is a lower cost PHP framework than all other web app development platforms. The features provided, and functionality offered reduces the need for lengthy and expensive web app design. The PHP framework which Laravel uses can be embedded directly into HTML, eliminating the need for additional coding and programming.


Laravel utilizes the most powerful PHP framework in the world, and is the platform behind the development and construction of the highest traffic-generating websites in the US, Canada, and the UK. Laravel development companies specialize in the creation of MVP. (Minimum Viable Product) This allows companies to move their ideas from the concept-phase, to fully-functioning web applications in less time, and for a fraction of the cost of those developed without Laravel.

Speed is one of the most important parts of a web application. The use of a caching backend is a primary method implemented by web app developers to increase the speed with which an app functions. Laravel has been designed to be compatible with the most popular caching backends, without the need for any additional coding or programming. Laravel’s default configuration stores cached information in the file cache driver. The use of Laravel allows for the implementation of multiple cache configurations, which is necessary for larger web applications.

Laravel utilizes drives which give websites the ability to send email through traditional servers, as well as cloud-based applications. Laravel also provides the support necessary to send information and notifications via SMS, Slack, and various other messaging platforms.

The addition of features to an app developed with Laravel is considerably easier than with apps developed without. Laravel eliminates the need for writing new code. Designers have the ability to create packages which make use of existing code that they may be familiar with, or regularly using. However, Laravel utilizes the feature ‘“Composer.” This allows app designers to make use of pre-existing packages containing code that has already been written for other uses.

Develop with Laravel


According to Google Trends, Laravel has been used to develop the most commonly visited and frequently-trafficked websites in the UK. However, it’s usage is not exclusive to the United Kingdom. Laravel PHP framework is the development platform behind many of the world’s top rated websites. Companies that utilize Laravel in the development of their web applications create more streamlined and user-friendly websites, allowing them to bring their products and services to an international market much faster.


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