Techrish Family
We're not just a team, we’re a family of young developers, thinkers, and explorers. We work here, we make fun here. When it comes to working, we approach with curiosity and experimentation, using what we learn to create meaningful digital products that connect with people, just like you.
Ajith Vipinachandran
Neethu E S
Rajeesh U.R
Shyju M.S
Nisha M.S
Vineeth V Nair
Roshan Muhammed
Sujith K.S
Muhammad Rajeeb A.K
Abin Bernard
Vivek V
Sahith Kumar K.S
Reshma Raveendran

Development Lead

Krishna Prasad has a healthy obsession with all things digital, strongly believing in the intersection of design and technology. Constantly exploring and prototyping new ideas, he'll jump at the chance to be involved in any aspect of a project.
He enjoys spending time with his family, camping, singing, and opining about how to make the world a better place.

Lead Solution Architect

More than a team lead, the best captain to us. His unparalleled developing skill makes him unique.
In his spare time, Ajith likes to explore hilltops or will be busy with a workout at the gym.

Lead Solution Architect

Experienced background in team leadership, project organization, and communicating with the executive on progress, budget, and punctual mitigation of risks or escalation of issues impeding advancement.
Neethu enjoys cookouts with friends and family, traveling, collecting gorgeous cookbooks and putting a fried egg on everything.

Lead Solution Architect

Rajeesh likes building beautiful useful software, and also loves to learn and help others learn. You should have seen his face when someone told him he could do both of those at the same time.
In his free time, Rajeesh enjoys spending time playing guitar, running, cycling, and thinking about how it would be fun to write a novel one day.

Quality Specialist

Shyju spends his days working cross-functionally with developers, designers, and partners to help shape and build a fantastic product. He is passionate about web performance and software engineering best practices.
When he's not in the front of the laptop, he enjoys playing and watching football, cooking, learning new things, playing fetch with his cat, and solving math problems for pure fun and glory.

E-Commerce Expert

Nisha loves working in teams to create impactful, beneficial web apps. She’s passionate about web performance and software engineering best practices.
Once a small-town farm girl, Nisha now lives in a big, colorful city with her daughter and partner. Her interests include music, literature, art, psychology, and culture. She likes learning about all kinds of things.

Lead Solution Consultant

Vineeth is a problem solver and an optimizer. He is always looking for alternate routes to take.
Vineeth spends his free time hiking or wildlife photography, depending on the season. When it's raining, he enjoys board games with friends.

Wordpress Guru

Roshan creates ideas and turns them into code. He loves technology, learning new things, and solving problems.
Roshan likes science, films, art, music, and buying books without reading them. If life is a box of chocolates, then he would eat it all in one sitting.

Senior Solution Consultant

Sujith started making websites during his college and hasn't stopped since. In spite of those trying beginnings, today he focuses on the full-stack development with a passion for making the web a better place.
When he's not reading about the latest trends in computing he spends his time with his wife and son, running or playing cricket with his friends.


Rajeeb supports the team at Techrish Solutions ensuring the technology is up to date and working reliably. Learning new tech and solving problems are two things he enjoys.
During his free time, you can see him busy with the football and can usually be found ranking burgers by deliciousness.
Abin Bernard

Creative Analyst & Solution Integrator

Design by heart. You can see him with a pen and paper when he gets a new website, as he develops everything from scratch.
When not pushing pixels or dropping code, Abin can be found pondering what style of facial hair to adopt next.

Creative Visualizer & Solution Designer

Senior designer and digital illustrator who loves creating things that don't yet exist and making them as beautiful as they are functional.
In his free time, Vivek can be found obsessing over movies & music and hanging out with his cats.

Wordpress Expert

Forever playing with technology. Sahith loves to get his hands dirty with all kinds of development and systems administration.
Sahith can be found performing in musicals, folding origami dinosaurs, drawing comic books or singing karaoke.

Solution Developer

Reshma found the joy of programming at Techrish Solutions. She loves learning new things and being a creative human being.
When not in front of the computer, you can find her illustrating, hunting down new desserts to try, buying more indoor plants than necessary.