SharePoint VS DataBase

SharePoint is Microsoft’s collaboration platform, similar to Google Drive. This platform is widely used for building sophisticated web apps. SharePoint developers primarily find this web-based app helpful when it comes to store, share, collaborate and access data from multiple devices without restraint.


Benefits of SharePoint

  • Customizable
  • Integrated with Microsoft Office
  • Storage Capacity
  • Document Management

Why SharePoint is No Good as a DataBase

SharePoint has similarities with a DataBase. As a database, it is used for storing and archiving files, and it can validate data that a user enters. Also, the Microsoft SQL Server supports all contents stored in the SharePoint.

SharePoint can’t offer the same functionalities as a database. SharePoint doesn’t support complex data relationships.

  • One-to-One: A record in a database table is related to only one record in another database table.
  • One-to-Many: A record in one table relates to one or to more records in another table.
  • Many-to-Many: Each record in two tables can relate to any number of records (or no records) in the other table.

These relationships are impossible in SharePoint. SharePoint allows storing binary data only in the form of attachments to lists. Also, SharePoint can’t support many items in a list. Each list should limit to 2,000.

No Transaction Rollback

SharePoint doesn’t support the rollback of transactions. This means that in a SharePoint environment, you can’t roll back changes if any.

SharePoint is a good choice if you need storage space for documents. Yet, on the off chance that you need an undeniable database with a capacity to store a huge number of documents of various sorts with a capacity to oversee complex connections between things, SharePoint isn’t your best decision.

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