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Techrish started as an IT consulting firm in 2012 that helped companies to analyze their online presence and enhance the outlook of their brands on the internet. During 2012-2013 we make our focus on product development in the US and Gulf market. We have completed around a good number of ERP solutions for Gulf customers, and also became the partner of main online FM brands in the US.
We offered and continues to offer counsel on the best ways for companies to utilize IT to meet customer and business goals and also come up with solutions to the most pressing business problems. Our professionally-crafted IT plans enable businesses to improve market outreach and stay productive in a highly competitive business world. We combine an awesome creative team with world-class technology for unmatched customer experience for clients across the world.

Techrish, just the combination of two words tech and rish, rish is an Irish word which means rich, the rich technical service we offer to our client’s make this name apt for us. As our name indicates, the Solution Expert, we provide long-lasting e-business solutions in Web Development, Web Designing, and Software Development. In addition to that “Solution Expert” is not a tag we take lightly. Our position as solution experts came about after years of providing clients with professional solutions to their business problems.
As solution experts, our client base extends to regions in North America, Europe, and the Gulf, which is a testament to the value that Techrish adds to clients around the globe.
We have mastered web design and development services, e-commerce solutions, digital marketing, and mobile app development.
Our CMS specialists are proficient in different CMS technologies and can integrate these as part of a new/existing website.
Additionally, all our developers are proficient in web development frameworks such as Laravel, CakePHP, AngularJS, NodeJS, Codeigniter.



Discovery and research are important components of the life cycle of a software product. Research gives the team an idea about the product, which allows them to develop a development plan for the final product. After the software product has been developed, the biggest task is usually R&D, which basically enables developers to continually improve the product.
R&D is a knowledge-intensive aspect of product development that often requires a lot of time and resources. At Techrish, our developers are usually more than glad to meet this challenge.
Our process begins with discovery, which basically involves analyzing client requirements and planning development around their requirements. Our development team then proceeds to design the architecture of the product, develop the product, and finally the product is subjected to continuous R&D for future improvements.


Techrish has a team of experienced strategic managers that involves in conceptualizing the final app or website design that has the best chances of improving the brand’s outlook. Our designers and programmers often work hand-in-hand with the strategic team to develop the most suitable application for your brand.
Our development process takes product development through documentation together with testing and debugging to fix bugs and errors on the final product. Techrish team is always looking to take up any challenges during this process. In conclusion, we have a large selection of static web pages, complex CMS and app templates ready for integration.


The first face of your business is your website. Thus, what the website appearance decides your client’s impression on you. In addition to backend development, we have an awesome UI development team that is capable of coming up with simple, functional, and appealing user interface designs that exceed user expectations.
Unparalleled experience driven by world-class standards in accordance with the designing from scratch is the specialty of Techrish’s websites that helps to attain your goal.
Our areas of expertise in the design include:

  • Responsive Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Heuristic Evaluation
  • UI Design
  • Information
  • Architecture
  • Interactive Design

Verification, Validation, and Testing

In the product development life cycle, testing ensures the end product is bug-free, while verification and validation ensure the product is in line with international standards. In addition to that, these three areas are critical to the successful deployment of any software product.

Our post-development team is there to evaluate requirements and specifications together with comparing them with the final product.


Product launch is another important process that also has its own life cycle. A good launch will help you build sales momentum for your product as soon as it hits the market. Our team is always at hand to help clients handle even the most complex tasks in this department.

Techrish sticks with the following six factors to help clients win with product launches.

  • Matching Product Capabilities to Market Needs
  • Clear Positioning and Messaging
  • Setting Clear Launch Goals
  • The Power of Leverage
  • Priming the Pump
  • Timing the Launch to Maximize Sales