We have tried different (one man bands) before at no avail. Finding Techrish for our IT requirements was like hitting the Jackpot! Being able to work with a team of IT specialists that can solve any problem you throw at them is awesome. Perfect communication (Skype), testing before going live on DEV servers, eye for detail. Techrich built a web-based motorhome rental system for us, including CC payment and client login portal, updated interim versions all without interfering our exciting database. We used someone else for our website )-: in the past, will get it done by these IT wizards when we update! Highly recommended!

Nick and Rob


It is a pleasure working with Techrish team. When commissioned, the work has been carried out quickly and to a very high standard. At all times, They displayed the highest level of professionalism.

Jamie Currey


I’m very impressed with Techrish team’s enthusiasm, communication skills and professional demeanor. All members of the team are reliable, dedicated and eternally upbeat. Everybody can do multi tasks effectively and they are able to handle high-volume workload. All daily written reports were accurate and thorough. Techrish developers are talented, hardworking and customer service professionals. If you are in search for an expert web and mobile development team they are the perfect fit. Thanks for all the support team.

Lucas Pijfers


We previously used a whole series of outsourced specialty contractors, in many different countries, to run ROCK.FM Radio www.rock.fm & our affiliated stations, & clients. As you might imagine, this created a whole lot of conflicts, complications, & inefficiency internally, which really effected our bottom line. Since using Techrish Solutions for over 3 years now, we have managed to turn every aspect of our operations around, bringing our costs down tremendously, while greatly improving & innovating our product at a steady rate, and at very fare development prices. With so many specialists in house, and wonderful team managers, the folks at Techrish Solutions are clearly a one stop shop in online outsource services, to both handle and mange everything, big or small, already done, or never yet invented online. They have become the backbone of our operations & we hope to continue working with them for a very long, long time.

Victor Bozzo


This company was excellent to work with and I would use them again. They worked to the deadlines and were able to complete complicated tasks. I was very impressed with the work they provided and willingness to go through all mile stones. Great company to work with.

Sonia Michael


They did a fantastic job that exceeded my expectations. They went out of their way to make my fix and improve my website. Even after they were finished they carried out some minor alterations which I wanted. The communication was great and they understood what I required which was equally complicated. I would highly recommend them, I’ve gone through many web designers and they are the best I’ve come across so far.

Ram S


Techrish has an army of qualified web-developers and project managers to develop high quality websites for the customers. I am very satisfied not only with their work but their patience and expertise on web-design and development. Great support from team techrish, I look forward to achieve new business goals with your skills.

Jim Frankie